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  1. ROOT EXTRACTION ! :o( Had this booked in at the end of the month - sadly just couldn't wait so after a call to Sue she quickly Fast Tracked me in to get the dastardly deed done - thank you Sue. I knew it wasn't going to be an easy fix but as always Colin was great - explained what was going to happen how long it could take and after care advise. The job was soon done and now I can have a trouble free time till next year when I have my check up - thanks Orford Hill :o)

    (Posted on 2015-11-14 13:36:00 by DENISE - NORTH WALSHAM)
    Once again it was my appointment time with COLIN MOOLMAN. These fixed diary dates with me must fill this man with dread as I usually have some dental challenge for him to address - one being a tricky crown that keeps Colin and I in regular contact with each other which is charming of course but I imagine very annoying for him !!! he smiles and is as kind and helpful as ever. However, I had a new challenge for him recently a large back tooth decided to crumble and gradually disappear, even to the point of cleaning my teeth at M&S before my appointment today I found myself spitting out another fragment down the plug hole ! Ooooops - there is goes - previously he had said a filling would be sufficient for this and not to be overly anxious. Nah, I thought this requires the big guns now, extraction or a crown - but as I tip-toed into the surgery and climbed into the chair sheepishly he was at the ready, always quiet and never phased, he looked into my unattractive mouth, gazed at the unsightly shattered gnarled stump and set to work. After 20mins the work was done, I was sent on my way until our next rendesvouz in Oct and so off I toddled back to work. Sometime much later I gazed in the bathroom mirror at what had to be the filling from hell - but hey presto ! - what did I see there ? - an amazing reconstruction, a lovely looking molar looking better than it had done for years. Whoooooo! how happy was I ?- so, this man is in fact in my opinion a real MAGICIAN of course with a smattering of dental skills to put a toothy grin on any patients face.....thank you ALL AT ORFORD HILL DENTAL PRACTICE and COLIN so very much.

    Denise :o)

    (Posted on 2015-05-18 14:50:00 by DENISE - NORTH WALSHAM)
  3. ORFORD HILL DENTAL PRACTICE is the best dentist ive ever been to so kind and friendly they give a great service and give fast efficent treatment which is why ill never go anywhere else!

    (Posted on 2014-01-13 20:10:00 by colin flowerday)

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